Get control

Good control system like RTI's T2xPeople often overlook the importance of a good control system for their home and entertainment system. Not only can it take away the pile of remotes in your home, it can extend into controlling other aspects of your home like lighting and temperature.

Some folks think that their system is too small or want to avoid the expense of a universal remote or control system. Even for modest systems, a well thought out low cost universal remote will simplify system use for all family members. If you have a more involved system, then it can be the difference between getting the thing to do what you want vs. utter frustration when you just can’t seem to get it to work at all.

Logitech's Harmony Ultimate

Another benefit is that higher-end control gear like Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate, or Pro Control’s and RTI’s custom installer products allow you to hide away gear in a cabinet or closet so you don’t have look at a bunch of black boxes and blinky lights. Control systems like RTI’s will even let you tuck it all away into the basement.

More and more people are choosing to skip a remote and just use their smart phone or tablet. This can be great, but always use a system that offers a least a basic companion remote that works in tandem with your device. You can’t control your fancy AV system when receiving a phone call or an iPad with a dead battery.

Use companion remote with a smart phone or tablet

As a bonus, many universal remotes can be customized for your systems and needs. If you’re a control freak, you can pack in all those buttons that most people don’t use. Or if you prefer clean lines, you can have just the few buttons that you regularly use.

From big systems to small systems, there is a universal remote or control system out there for you. If you’re overwhelmed by choices, we can help match the system to your needs. When well chosen, it will not only clean up your coffee table, it will also make your system easy and accessible to everyone in the house. Ah, feel the power!