What’s all the hype about the Internet of things?

Internet of Things for the home

You may have heard about the Internet of Things, or IoT if you like acronyms. Arguably not a great name, but its about everyday devices being connected to the Internet to accept and pass along information about itself or it’s surroundings. There is lots of potential for industry with easy inventory tracking and maintenance alerts etc., but what does it mean for us in the home?

Manufactures are hoping we’ll all race out to fill our homes with the latest Internet connected devices, but the masses will only go for the ones that are affordable, improve lives and are simple to use. While there may be some who want a connected toothbrush or fork, more people are interested in simple convenience or energy saving devices such as the Nest Thermostat, or even the WeMo Crock-Pot (as mentioned in our last post). Although there are lots of gadgets available (and always more coming), there aren’t many today that people really need or want. Today a connected fridge for Facebook status seems frivolous, but it might be handy to get a text that you’re out of milk.

So let them pump out gadgets and gimmicks that talk to us over the Internet and our smartphones. There is a lot of focus and effort towards devices for lighting, locks, cameras and appliances, and the good ones will rise to the top. We watch trends and jump on the affordable, useful and easy to use ones, so let us know if you’d like help figuring out what’s right for you. Maybe its home lighting or temperature control, or perhaps even a crock pot.