Come on people, use a good passcode on your smartphone

Lock ScreenStudies have shown that about half of smartphone owners don’t lock their phone with a passcode. This is quite shocking considering how much of our lives are tied to our smartphones.

Even if you don’t have tons of banking info and such in your phone, it’s likely that you wouldn’t want your messaging and Facebook personal life open to some thief that takes your phone. It’s also important for teens, as bullying or even a practical joke can get way out of hand, “What do you mean I sent you a love SMS Mr. Science Teacher?”

OK, so now you’re on board with having a passcode – let’s make sure it’s a good one. Below is a table of the top passcodes – not very secure, eh?

Common Passcodes

Yes, any thief or savvy kid knows these. Besides easy numbers, easy patterns and birth years are ‘popular’. Choose a passcode that’s easy for you to remember but is something someone wouldn’t easily guess. Maybe its the address of your childhood home or dog’s Birthday. Think out of the box, and use something someone else wouldn’t know.

Most phones or add on apps will allow longer sequences or even patterns. The new iPhone 5S has a finger print reader if you are looking to upgrade. That said, a decent four digit passcode is infinitely better than nothing, so choose something that works for you and use it.