Top technology trends of 2017

There were many interesting technology trends this year, but for us, these stuck out from the rest. In no particular order, here’s what got us excited this year.

Samsung’s Frame TV

We’re big fans of technology trends that can help minimize technology’s aesthetic footprint in homes. We focus a lot of effort on this in our projects. For example with TVs, they can be hidden with TV lifts, covered by panels, or have projections screens that drop from ceilings. If not hidden, TVs in living spaces are great when they’re on, but often become black voids when off. Samsung’s The Frame TV wants to change that – it displays art when not used as a TV, but then switches to a TV when you want to watch video. It has a modern art frame (with optional colour options) and hangs on the wall like a frame. We see a fine future here, as not only can you display art, you can also load up family photos. No longer does your TV have to be a black scar on the wall.

Voice control

This month Amazon made their Alexa voice assistant officially available in Canada. Together with the Google Home, you now can have voice control of your home’s smart things. While these are a ways from being perfect, they are pretty handy and will only improve. They can also be integrated with home control systems. For those who prefer talking to their home to turn on music or lights vs. pressing buttons, this might be the just the ticket.

Expanding video streaming options

There have been other ways to watch Amazon Prime Video, but starting this month its now also available on the latest generation Apple TVs. For those of us with Amazon Prime accounts, this is very exciting, as it opens up our streaming world. Like Netflix, Amazon is vying to provide top-notch content in-line with HBO. Other content apps are emerging as well, such as CBC and City TV. This gives Canadians, many of whom have already cancelled cable TV service, even more incentive to cut cable and stick to streaming services only.

Affordable smart home control

It has a boring name:, “C2K1”, but RTI’s Custom Control Kit is an exciting and affordable starter kit to professional grade smart home control and automation. This brings high-end home control features to a level many home owners can afford. While it starts as a remote control for a single room, it can easily expand to control other rooms and devices in home. It comes with a 2-way remote with touch screen, a control processor (the ‘brain’), and unlimited licenses for smart phones and tablets. When custom programmed for your home, it can automate and seamlessly combine your home tech to work in concert, e.g. dimming the lights and closing the shades when you turn on your AV system. With the smart device app, you can control or monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

Improving remote support

Technology is great, but it can be frustrating when there is a hiccup. No matter how awesome equipment is or how well its integrated, there may be the occasional issue. Everything from cable boxes to Wi-Fi access points sometime need a bit of attention. This is where remote management shines. If a client needs something tweaked or restated, we can often do this without a visit – a win, win for everyone. We also program auto reboots for troublesome devices like cable boxes to proactively clear up glitches before they cause issues. New feature are being added too – for example OvrC now has parental controls.

Fibre is feasible

We’re all gobbling up data at an increasing rate, and video streaming is the hungriest of all – especially 4K video. While Ethernet wiring and sometimes even Wi-Fi are usually getting us by, fibre optic cabling is now an affordable option. It has allows for more data throughout to enable all these technology trends for a long time to come.

4K TVs (and projectors) for all

We’ve talked about 4K TVs and projectors a lot lately, so we don’t need to elaborate too much. 4K sets are now priced at levels thats accessible to everyone. While prices are coming down quickly, note that a 4K TV that is too cheap may have questionable quality and may not be deal at any price.

Check out these technology trends, as they can help make your home more enjoyable and convenient. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store. Happy New Year!