Make your home tech work for you while you’re away

smart home tech away

Convenience and comfort while at home is often a first draw for home tech, but with summer vacation season upon us, it’s reassuring to use the away features of home tech. These home tech features include automation, monitoring and even remote control from your smartphone to check on your home.

Even simple home automation like lighting control can help it make it look like someone is home. If you have a room such as your living room with automated lighting control, your lights will go on and off on the same schedule as when you’re there. Same goes if you have automated window coverings – these regular scheduled events will keep working to give a lived-in look. You can even set up a vacation setting to use less lights but still give the same appearance from outside.

Smart surveillance cameras let you lookAxis dome camera for yourself that your home is ok. A smart thermostat allows you to check on the temperature or adjust it to save energy or make sure the temperature is within a safe range. You can also use other tech like water sensors to check for water leaks in bathrooms or from water tanks, etc.

Schlage Sense smart home tech lockSmart locks give you control to let someone access your place while you’re away. This can be for that friend that unexpectedly needs in or to let someone like a plumber in to service your home.

Smart home tech can extend convenience and comfort even while you’re away. This is one of the many benefits from of a well designed home tech solution.